XAML Generation

Instantly generate XAML from your ViewModels (or any other class.) Select the class, property, or group of properties then right-click and select Rapid XAML > Copy as XAML.

Copy as XAML context menu

You can then paste the generated XAML where you want it.

Or generate XAML for the entire class by dragging the file onto the XAML editor.

Example of dragging and dropping a ViewModel onto the editor

Whether you’re building a WPF, UWP, or Xamarin.Forms, it’s pre-configured with a number of options but can also be configured to produce the XAML you would write yourself.

Configurable options allow you to map classes, properties, and methods and the XAML to generate based on types, names, accessibility, and attributes.

Mappings configuration screen

This functionality is included when you install the Toolkit but is also available separately.

This extension includes some functionality that is dependent upon the Common functionality.

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