Roslyn Analyzers

This extension includes “Roslyn analyzers” to help write apps that use XAML.

The following helpers are provided. They are not intended to find and fix problems with the code, instead make it easier to change existing code if that is needed.

Convert auto-properties to ones that call OnPropertyChanged or similar

If the auto-property is in a class that implements INotifyPropertyChanged or inherits from a class that does, an option to convert the property will be provided. The setter of the expanded property will call OnPropertyChanged. Additionally, if the (base) class has helper methods for Set or SetProperty options that call these methods are presented too.

Visual Studio editor showing suggested actions for changing the property definition

Convert auto-property to DependencyProperty or BindableProperty

If you have an existing property but need to turn it into a DependencyProperty or BindableProperty, it can be hard to remember how and be more work (keystrokes) than you should expend on such a task. You could delete it and use a snippet to generate a new one with the same name, but that can feel counter-intuitive. This “fix” is offered for any auto-property in a class that inherits from DependencyObject or BindableObject.

Visual Studio editor showing suggested actions for changing to a dependency property

Note. These analyzers are currently only available for C#.

This functionality is included when you install the Toolkit but is also available separately.

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